Invitations issued by the deceased parent

Bride:  I want to list my deceased mother’s name on the invitation.  Can the invitation read Mr. and Mrs. Harry Donovan request the honour of your presence? What is your recommendation?

The Invitation Lounge:  Unfortunately, I have seen in my years of invitation design more and more deceased parent(s) inviting guests to the wedding of their child.

I know brides and grooms want to give homage to their deceased parent in their invitation and that is definitely a possibility!  How could this moment be possible without their guidance along the way?  Now with my guidance, let me show you how.

If one parents is still alive, you can have the invitation coming from that parent to read:

Mr. Harry Donovan requests the pleasure of your company at the wedding of his daughter, etc.

If you still want to have the deceased parent listed on the invitation, try this option:

Jessica Marie Donovan, the daughter of Mr. Harry Donovan and the late Mrs. Meredith Donovan requests the honour of your presence at, etc.

With these options, you are sure to choose one that will make you feel at ease.  If you should decide not to list them on the invitation but would like to incorporate them in another way, with the help of wedding planners such as Personally Yours Wedding Planners, RW Events and The Soiree Company, to name a few, they could provide you with more creative ways to bring the spirit of the deceased parent into the wedding celebration.

To have us answer any stationery dilemmas you may come across, please email and we will be sure to post and answer your questions.


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